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To Activate Your MBF Credit Card's Enhanced Security Features


Step 1: Login into MBF Cards official website at www.mbfcards.com and click [REGISTER] button as below:



Step 2: Then, complete the following online form and click [Submit] button for eCLUB Registration.




Step 3: Login eCLUB using your own user ID and password.



Step 4: Click [Activate now!]



Step 5: Choose your MBF Cards for activation.



Step 6: Agree to the Terms & Conditions.



Step 7: Activate your MBF Card SecureCode / VBV password and create personal greeting / personal message.



Step 8: Check the status. Once your secure password is created, you can immediately shop with iPay88 merchants.



For more info, please visit http://www.mbfcards.com or call +603-21677600.


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