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10 Uses of Twitter (Now X) to Promote Your Business

10 Uses of Twitter (Now X) to Promote Your Business - iPay88

You may consider that one social media account should suffice for your business. To be honest, this is not the right attitude in today’s ever-changing world.

The secret of attracting more people, generating more sales leads, and raising your brand awareness actually lies within being seen everywhere.

And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. Different social media platforms have different audiences and serve different purposes.

Long ago, Twitter managed to make a name as one of the most influential social media in internet history, competing against the likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

After a lot happened, Twitter rebranded itself and became X in 2023, led by the automotive brand Tesla’s father, Elon Musk after the acquisition at $44 billion.

So, if you are on Facebook, it’s a good start to consider adopting X, Instagram, Google+, and maybe even Pinterest and YouTube for your business.

We will speak about this in the future, but today, let’s have a look at 10 uses of Twitter (now X) and using it to promote your business.

Using Twitter (now X) to promote your business

Many big businesses, such as AirAsia, RapidKL, Malaysia Airlines, Uber Malaysia, etc., use X to connect with their customers.

X is a great tool to respond to questions or concerns of your customers.

Many people tend to tweet about good service that they received, thus this is positive feedback for you that you can also address and acknowledge.

On another note, it is also a faster way to resolve issues with your customers and update them on solutions.

Become an expert in your field

Many brands have used X for self-promotion. Many people actually tweet their thoughts, interesting stuff discovered online, news, etc. Therefore, X has become a great platform to promote your business and become an expert within your field.

Even if you already are an expert, this needs to be noticed and recognized. By providing short insights into market news, analyzing trends, and showcasing your contribution within the field, you will grow into a known expert within your field who people listen to.

By gaining momentum within the field, you will be more noticed and cited, and your brand will grow.

Be informed!

X is a great source for news acquiring. Many media outlets, as well as industry players, invest money and time in their X activity.

News about new products, services, or events can spread very fast and you can be the first to learn about them.

Moreover, you can also track your competitors and stay ahead of them.

Free marketing and leads generation tool

Use X to advertise your business online. If you have a solid number of followers, your message can spread very fast, as they might retweet your tweets and share your information with their followers.

In this way, you may aim to attract new customers for your products and services.

If you do not have many followers, you may still advertise your production using trending hashtags and thus get noticed.

Share what you’re up to

X is a great tool to use for fast, short and concise messages. Often customers do not see the hard work or presence of a company.

This is where X can come in handy.

If you take part in many events, you may not want to overwhelm your Facebook followers with numerous posts, however, you should totally use X and tweet about the event, and the main messages that you retain and want to share.

This will boost your brand, as a business that’s active in events, is better perceived and seems to be more reputable.

Boost your online visibility

Years ago, Google used to display only webpages as search results; however, today Google search brings up everything from official websites, to blog articles or social media profiles.

Therefore, by having an active X account, you will appear more frequently on Google search and thus be perceived as an active business.

X - world’s fourth most popular social network

In April 2017, there were around 3.5 million Malaysians on X, of which around one million use it actively. No further explanation is needed; this can expose you to thousands of potential customers.

Having your business on X is trendy

If you decide to move online, you want to target social media-savvy people. Those people, either actively or passively, will be on X.

Most of today’s businesses thinking of online presence are on X, be it a local shoe seller, a florist, or a freelance architect.

In fact, X estimates that 47% of people who follow a brand on X are more likely to visit that company’s website.

X drives sales

X estimates that X followers are more likely to make a future purchase after following or engaging with a brand on X.

Looking for a brand on X is an extra step that a person makes in order to show interest in products or services that a company has to offer.

Least time-consuming social media platform

X may be seen as somewhat limited, as a user can only write a message of 140 characters.

Therefore, preparations and in general planning for Post (formerly known as Tweets) shouldn’t take too much time, as the message that you would send is very short and concise, compared to any other social media networks, where extensive planning might be needed.

In a world where the Internet plays an important role, it is crucial to occupy as much space as possible. Therefore, being active on as many social media platforms as possible will give you an advantage in exposing your brand to a broader public.

Social media presence is crucial as customers become more and more aware of different brands; they tend to look at the activities that companies do, how they respond, and what their social media image is.

Therefore, by creating a presence on X, you will unquestionably become more noticed.

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