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5 Ways To Make and Keep Your Online Customers Happy

How to Keep Online Customers Happy - iPay88

Let’s go straight to the point. In order to have a successful business, one must maintain a good relationship with business partners, and suppliers and not forget “CUSTOMERS”

Customers are very important because they can be the ones who may potentially destroy your business or grow it.

For example, if you go to a restaurant, what’s the first thing you’ll do?

Besides ordering food and drinks, I believe, you will take pictures of nice food and check in on social media accounts

If your customers enjoy your food and services, they will share the experience with their friends and family and when they post food pictures or check in on their social media accounts, they indirectly promote your business online.

How to keep online customers happy?

Times changed.

Customers nowadays won’t see how good your products and services are, but instead, they will take action into their own hands by searching for reviews and pictures online before making a purchasing decision.

This is why it is important to maintain a happy customer. It leads to everything.

So, the next question is, how do online retailers maintain their customer’s happiness?

Below, we will let you know the ways to make your online customers happy and hopefully, it will boost your e-commerce business!

Maintain a user-friendly website

Ever wondered why your customers abandon the purchase at the checkout? This is because of the poor page loading, lack of payment methods, feeling insecure, etc. You should make your customer shopping experience as convenient as possible.

It is important to maintain a user-friendly website, if not your customer will definitely move to your competitor.

Let’s do simple maths. If every day there are roughly five customers who abandon the purchase at your website, monthly this will result in loss 150 customers. This means that 150 people will choose your competitor over you.

A very good user-friendly website is crucial, because the sooner the customer clicks “purchase” button, the less time he or she will have to change their mind about the purchase.

You should make your website as simple as possible, avoid overcomplicating, and at the check-out page require only the information that you need. If your check-out page is too lengthy, there is a risk that more people will abandon it.

Give them freebies or promo codes regularly

The word “free’’ is very catching and appealing. Malaysians love the word ‘’free”. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Some business might think two steps ahead before giving out free stuff, because of the high costs involved. But giving out free stuff is good too as it makes your customers happy and it also increases your brand awareness.

When we talk about promo code, people are sharp and happy when they receive pop-up notifications about on-going promo code.

Malaysia has many different festivals and celebrations; a great idea is to create special festive promo codes that could be used by your customers. The word-of-mouth would spread fast and you should see a surge in sales.

Have an FAQ section on your website

Frequently asked questions or more commonly known as FAQ is an important part of your website.

You should remember that contacting your support team may take time and that some questions can be easily answered without personal interaction.

Good customer service also covers how fast and easy support is provided to your customer.

A customer who has a seamless experience, be it while shopping, while contacting you, while enquiring, etc. is more likely to come back and purchase again.

Delivery time and services

People love to get their online purchase goods as fast as possible. Who doesn’t get frustrated or angry if their delivery is delayed?

Everyone, when buying things online, is always excited for the product to arrive on time; put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

There are so many courier services outside there for you to choose from, just choose the ones that best correspond to your business needs.

Moreover, now, with the rise of technology, there has been a rise of self-service lockers instead of parcel delivery to a home address.

The goods that you sold online can directly sent to self-service lockers that are located around the city and your customers can pick them up at a convenient location and time.

Lack of payment methods available

One of the greatest factors, that leads to the abandonment of checked-out items, is the lack of payment methods available. Customers always prefer to have more selections and choices to choose from.

Say different types of bank cards, online banking, e-wallets, recurring payments, installments, etc. – all this gives a choice for your customer to choose the most fitting payment option.

iPay88 – ASEAN’s leading provider of online payment solutions has a comprehensive list of payment options available.

Customer service is a complex field that requires thorough analysis. For starters, it is advisable to treat your customer as a friend, not as an object that brings profit to you.

The customer should feel welcomed in your e-shop, and shouldn’t be burdened by a complicated and lengthy process of purchasing your products or services.

Remember that simplicity is better than exaggeration, thus keep the above-mentioned five ways to satisfy your customer in mind and go forward with your business!

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