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Boost Your Business with These Amazing New Year Resolutions!

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It does not feel like we’re dancing into the dawn of a new year without asking “So, what’s your new year resolution?” 

Without realising or giving much thought into it, most of us will probably blurt out similar goals like last year: “I’m going to be more productive”, “I’m going to eat healthy” or probably something to do with weight loss. 

These are common goals that sound realistic and achievable, but how many of us really follow them through the year? 

Despite the fact, why do some of us even bother? Apparently, it turns out to be a time-honoured tradition that started during ancient times. 

Nevertheless, it’s not fair to make assumptions for all but it still makes a good conversation starter with some good laughs here and there.

Yet, who sets the rules by creating goals confined only in our personal lives? 

In fact, there’s no better time for a business to reflect and start working on its business plans for the year. After all, these plans are a perfect start to creating an impactful outcome for greater success.

How some business profit during New Year?

Regardless of whether people take their resolutions seriously, some businesses have profited from these resolutions for decades. Ironically, they are profiting from failed resolutions.

Pledging to get fit for the new year seems to be one of the most popular resolutions.

And that explains why fitness centers experience a surge in sales during the month of January; just stop by any fitness center in your town and you’ll realize how the space gets flooded with people during this season.

Goals for a business as new year resolutions

However, in most cases, the determination does not last long as it appears that more than 50% of the memberships go unused eventually.

If you are keen on creating a new path for your business, consider these tips as your New Year’s resolutions.

So, are you ready to make some powerful changes to your business in the upcoming year?

Pay attention to your online presence

Having a Facebook page isn’t something new for businesses today; it even goes to the extent of becoming a necessity to stay competitive in the market. 

Of course, having one does not make your business especially superior, either. Unless you are actively driving social presence through the page, it can be pretty challenging for your brand name to reach the attention of your target market. 

But even so, it takes the right focus and content to get it right. Be it 1 or 10 posts, you have the freedom to blast out as many posts as you want, anytime.

However, spamming your page with posts that are not properly curated do not guarantee if your effort will pay off. Instead, it might even be a nuisance to your followers if it is often repeated. 

Essentially, it’s quality over quantity. Focus on sharing interesting, timely information that encourages your audiences to interact with you or share your content. 

Make engagement and communication as part of your business priorities by offering support or customer service; let them know that you are accessible when a problem arises. 

A timely response to comments or messages forms a positive impression and it will definitely make a difference in the long run.

Show appreciation to your employees

If you run your own business, you would understand that employees are the greatest assets as they keep the engine running. 

Similar to any other companies, each employee in the company plays an integral part in achieving business goals. 

Regardless of the roles they play, their contribution is part of a network chain where they depend on each other to ensure smooth day-to-day operation. 

Though employees are paid for carrying out their jobs, sometimes an appreciation goes a long way. 

In fact, it is still part of almost every company’s culture to show appreciation towards their employees. 

Unfortunately, there are still workplaces that do not value this practice and this factor has resulted in at least 79% of people quitting their jobs.

It does not take much to show how much you value them, just consider these activities to strengthen the bond:

  1. Organising small gatherings or parties during special occasions
  2. Call out to high performing employees on social media
  3. Hold a team building outing to build relationships

Regardless of how you choose to show appreciation, most experts agree that it must be meaningful and consistent (e.g., don’t let your efforts fizzle a few months in). It also needs to be manageable and fit into your budget.

Give back to the community

Driving sales performance and focusing on business goals are part of every business’ key objectives.

There is nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, it is also worth noting that companies have the liberty to give back to the community. 

Although it is not an obligation, any kinds of contribution would make a positive impact on the community and also the company. 

If you missed the chance last year, mark this new year as a time to “pay it forward”. In other words, show random acts of kindness to those in need.

These days, customers are getting more socially conscious about the choices they make. 

Even though there are good deals present everywhere in the market, but customers have learned to place greater importance on the company’s effort instead; they want to see the people behind the company, not just promoting it. 

Nothing will seed and grow goodwill for you and your business better than performing corporate social responsibility. 

Big or small, make an effort by either paying a visit to charity homes, become a mentor, a volunteer or make regular donations that can be an inspiration to others.

Looking forward to new beginnings

The new year is always the most exciting yet challenging time for everyone in the company; new plans, new goals and also the time to start fresh. 

There may be mistakes made but it also gave companies an opportunity to grow and do better. 

This 2019, set new goals and work together with your employees; increase everything from happiness and productivity to revenue and market share.

And if you are not engaged in e-commerce yet, it is time for an upgrade. 

Contact us today and find out how we can help to set up your first e-commerce site. 

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