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Cross Border Payment

Currency switcher that converts price worldwide

Accept cross-border payments to reach customers worldwide. Change the way you get paid with iPay88 multicurrency payment solutions.

Currency Converter for E-commerce - Cross Border Payment - iPay88
Currency Converter on E-commerce - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Global transactions made easy

Exchange Currencies Worldwide - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Global reach

Extend market reach beyond country's borders and cater to customers from diverse geographical locations across the globe.

Multiple Currencies Exchange - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Accept major currencies

Provide convenience and flexibility for customers to pay in their local currency by accepting up to 11 currencies worldwide.

Swift Transactions on Global Shopping - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Swift transactions

Streamlined cross-border payment processes ensure speedy transaction processing, reducing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Build Trust - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Build confidence

Enhance business transparency and trust with customers and provide them peace of mind during cross-border transactions.

Expand cross border

Access new markets

Lead significant revenue growth by catering to the needs and demands of your potential customer segments across the globe.

Scalability and flexibility

Accommodate your business growth and increase transaction volumes without compromising on payment efficiency or quality.

Brand recognition

Establish your business as a global player, build trust and credibility with international customers, and increase your brand awareness.

Build Brand Loyalty - Cross Border Payment - iPay88
Global Shopping Experience - Cross Border Payment - iPay88

Global shopping experience

Seamless checkout experience

Facilitate quick and smooth transactions, reduce cart abandonment rates, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Cost transparency

Prevent any surprises or hidden fees for customers by providing prices in their currency transparently. 

Reinforce brand loyalty

Foster positive relationships and trust with customers and further reinforce their loyalty and willingness to engage in ongoing transactions.

Streamline your business

Easy integration

Easily integrate our payment solutions with your existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth implementation.

Reduced processing times

Process transactions efficiently, minimizing delays, and unnecessary currency conversions. 

Real-time monitoring and tracking

Monitor all your transactions real-time, access comprehensive reports and simplify your financial reconciliation.

Streamline Business with Cross Border Payment - iPay88

iPay88 hosted payment page

Dynamically integrate with the iPay88 hosted payment page and adapt to the customer’s device, support all payment methods, and increase conversions.

Merchant hosted payment page

Be in charge to design your own payment form to match your branding. This will require you to build your own API-based integration with iPay88.

How does Cross Border Payment work?

Accept cross border payments in minutes

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption and ensuring a smooth implementation.


An Australian customer buys from a Malaysian merchant website and selects AUD as the currency.


The Malaysian website displays the prices in AUD.


The Australian customer completes the purchase using Australian bank card and pays in AUD. 


The Malaysian merchant receives the payment in MYR.

Get more with iPay88

Elevated Customer Experience - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Better customer experience

Customers can easily choose their preferred payment options to pay faster, safer, and hassle-free.

Seller Protection - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Seller protection

We use advanced technology to mitigate fraud risk so you can focus on your business growth.

User Support - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Help when it’s needed

Our support team is ready to assist you or your customers throughout the shopping journey.

Featured in Campaign - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Marketing campaigns

As our merchant, you will have a unique opportunity to be featured in marketing campaigns by our payment partners.

Accept payment globally today

Contact us today to start accepting payments in multiple currencies worldwide and expand your business reach.

Cross Border Payment - iPay88
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