Retail Payment-Malaysia Payment Gateway

Retail Payment

We provide innovative in-store solutions through Mobile App, Terminals or Point-of-Sale integration. Accept bank cards and major e-wallets to improve your customer’s shopping experience. Specially Designed For:
Payment app


Receive widely used e-wallets such as Boost, Touch ‘N Go e-wallet and GrabPay using our payment app.
App-Malaysia Payment Gateway
Terminal-Malaysia Payment Gateway
Smart Terminal


Receive e-wallet and bank card payments with our smart android device.

Specially Designed For :

POS (Point of Sales) & Digital Kiosk Integration


Accept faster e-wallet payments by integrating with iPay88 in your POS or Digital Kiosk. Your customers get to choose from their preferred e-wallet such as Boost, Touch ‘N Go and GrabPay.

Specially Designed For :

POS/Kiosk-Malaysia Payment Gateway

iPay88 Retail Merchants

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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