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Revolutionize your retail business with our multi-payment POS/Kiosk payment system

Stay ahead of the competition and boost your sales with the cutting-edge POS/Kiosk systems, designed to accept multiple payment methods.

MPos Machine Transaction Completed - iPay88
POS Kiosk - iPay88

Payment kiosk specially designed for retail, F&B,
entertainment, vending machines, and more.

Multiple Payment Methods - Payment Terminal Machine - iPay88

Multiple payment methods

Accept various payment methods via bank cards, online banking, and e-wallets.

Great User Experience - Payment Terminal Machine - iPay88

Seamless checkout

Deliver a seamless checkout experience with POS/Kiosk payment system.

Real-time Reporting - Payment Terminal Machine - iPay88

Real-time reporting

Real-time transaction reports and analytics for business decisions and growth.

User Friendly - Payment Terminal Machine - iPay88

Easy integration

Integrate your existing Point of Sale (POS) system and work process with iPay88's payment system hassle-free.

Improved customer experience

Prioritize your customer

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing wait times and personalizing recommendations/offers, resulting in higher retention rates and business success.

Seamless payment experience

Deliver a top-notch payment experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Offer a range of flexible payment options that cater to customers’ preferences and needs, and build stronger relationships based on convenience, reliability, and trust.

POS Kiosk System Seamless Customer Experience - iPay88
POS Kiosk Retail Solution - iPay88

Ideal business solution

Streamline business processes

Simplify checkout, streamline tasks and drive growth by accepting multiple payments with a single device.

Optimize business resources

Increase your team’s productivity by automating various tasks, eliminating the need for multiple devices, and saving business space.

Variety of options to choose from

Payment options shoppers love

Give your customers freedom to choose which payment options they want to use upon the checkout.

How does POS/Kiosk work?

Process and accept payments efficiently

Product/service selection

Customers use the POS system or Kiosk to choose the goods or services they want to buy.

Complete the transaction

Customers complete the transaction by inserting or swiping their bank cards, scanning a QR code, or using their e-wallet.

Business Cases

Get more with iPay88

Elevated Customer Experience - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Better customer experience

Customers can easily choose their preferred payment options to pay faster, safer, and hassle-free.

Seller Protection - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Seller protection

We use advanced technology to mitigate fraud risk so you can focus on your business growth.

User Support - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Help when it’s needed

Our support team is ready to assist you or your customers throughout the shopping journey.

Featured in Campaign - Online Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Marketing campaigns

As our merchant, you will have a unique opportunity to be featured in marketing campaigns by our payment partners.

Start accepting payments with POS/Kiosk machine

Switch to POS/Kiosk today and start accepting payments via bank cards, and e-wallets in your shop.

Retail POS Kiosk Machine - iPay88

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