Virtual Terminal

An Internet version of credit card swipe machines.

It's simple

iPay88 Virtual Terminal is basically an online version of a physical credit card terminal. By having access to a computer and Internet, a merchant can accept payments everywhere.

It's fast

iPay88 Virtual Terminal allows a merchant to input customer's credit card information directly into a web-based payment form, which is then used to process an e-transaction.

It's safe

Customers authenticate and process the transaction by using OTP (one-time password) provided by their bank. The transactions via Virtual Terminal are monitored for fraudulent activities.


  • Suitable for multi-currency payments;
  • Suitable for all payment methods (internet banking, bank cards and e-Wallet);
  • Comprehensive reports for financial reconciliation;
  • Incorporated with Automated Fraud Screening;
  • Real-time successful payment acknowledgement by email;
  • Transaction cancellation and refund;
  • International Standard of Security.

Your business participates in an exhibition, where you also sell some of your products.Virtual Terminal is a solution for businesses that do not have a physical credit card terminal, however wish to accept payments by card.In order to accept card payments in such situations, all you need to do is log into your iPay88 Merchant Portal and key in your customer's bank card details.

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