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Shipping Insurance

If the idea of damage, loss, or theft of your shipments during the delivery process makes you nervous, perhaps you should consider getting shipping insurance.

iPay88 offers peace of mind to its merchants. Now, you can get your shipping insurance coverage together with our comprehensive payment gateway solutions.

Get in touch with us now to find out more!

E-Commerce Shipping Insurance

Introducing E-Commerce Shipping Insurance to iPay88 merchants.

We provide you with a high level of protection against the main risks that may occur during the transportation of goods and merchandise – anywhere from the time your goods leave the seller’s warehouse until the time they are delivered to the buyer. The insurance covers the loss or damage to the shipment during the movement of the cargo within Malaysia. The conveyance can be by air or land (including motorcycle).

What Is Covered?

E-Commerce Shipping Insurance is available to all new and existing iPay88 merchants. Contact us for more information!

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