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Unemployed? Try These 5 Tips To Make Money While You Are Unemployed

How to Make Money While Unemployed - iPay88
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Just graduated and couldn’t land your dream job? Most of your friends in your circle are working in big MNCs while you are still unemployed? But hey, look at the bright side of being unemployed. 

You have tons of free time and freedom to do the things you want to do such as going for a long holiday, attending free courses, learn some new knowledge and skills. On another hand, unemployment is also a painful experience.

How to make money when unemployed?

Are there any tips on how to make money during unemployment? Here are 5 tips on how to make money while unemployed. 

Method 1: Get paid to playing computer games

Sounds nice? There are many people who spend money to play video games (to purchase add-ons, accessories, rare items etc.), but there are the ones who make money by playing video games. 

There are tons of websites that you could stream online such as Twitch & YouTube, you could earn money by broadcasting your gameplay on the internet to be viewed by viewers. 

The more views you get, the better it is. When you are creating entertaining content and make it interesting, people tend to come back to your channel and watch you broadcasting again.

Let’s calculate with a Twitch Money Calculator for instance. If you’ve got enough viewership and enough devoted fans, let’s say 10,0000 viewers a month and 250 subscribers, you’ll be making around $3,200 a month from ads and another $625 from subscribers. 

With about $4,000 a month, plus the income from YouTube, it’s starting to look pretty decent career choice to be streaming games online.

Method 2: Be an online tutor

If you have a good background and knowledge to teach, you could actually earn some money through becoming an online tutor. It doesn’t matter if your expertise is in math, science, or history, there is always a way for to you earn extra money. 

The good thing about becoming an online tutor is, that you can set your own time availability and rates, yet manage your own free time on your own. There are plenty of platforms for you to teach online; however, it has never been more feasible to start your own tutoring school online.

You could also get your customers internationally. A popular language for you to freelance in could be English, maybe French or Mandarin Chinese. 

Foreign languages have always been a necessity for people to learn, thus even if you consider that the language you master is unpopular, it would definitely find its audience and you would have the advantage of offering something unique.

Method 3: Freelancing

While you are working in a freelancing area, you have an opportunity to work with tons of reputable clients and you can negotiate the price for your services. There are many freelance services you could offer based on your area of expertise, such as translating, photography, graphic design, and many more.

Most employers are now looking to hire freelancers to cover their short-term projects when they are short-handed or need an extra helping hand. With the trend going on nowadays, the demand for digital marketing services has gone up and it is the most demanded skill in 2017. Just look around you, everything is digital and online.

If you are a social media-savvy person who is familiar with the current tools on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, then worry no more. With more companies moving forward from traditional to online business, they need digital marketing services to help them generate leads and have a stronger online presence.

Method 4: Content writing

If creative writing is your thing, this one is for you. Previously, for you to run a successful content marketing campaign, all you need is an adequate writer. However, times changed. In order to create a successful marketing campaign, not only be a decent writer, but a person with knowledge or background in the particular area to create successful content.

Companies are now looking into inexpensive agencies or freelance writers to help them source or produce some articles, which they eventually connect to the customers/users. 

As a freelance content writer, you need to have decent writing skills, basic SEO knowledge, area specialization, etc. This will differentiate you between a freelance content writer and a normal writer.

Content writing is a rising trend in 2017. With the competition being tight, various companies have come out with different strategies to capture their customer attention. Storytelling has become a key part of content writing. 

Companies, nowadays, produce content or articles to engage with the audience and tell them a story. This leaves a good impression on the reader of the article about the organization or business. 

When you produce a great article, there will be more people subscribing to your newsletters to read the latest articles that you produce.

Method 5: Sell things online

It’s human nature to get rid of what you are not using anymore. But have you thought that instead of getting rid of it, you could sell it online and earn back some money? You could sell unwanted things such as clothes, furniture, books, and a lot more. You could sell online through Facebook or even Instagram easily.

If you have a rare and old collection that the market is in demand, why not sell it online? If you want to go an extra step ahead than selling B2B, you could even shift to B2C or even O2O. The benefit of O2O business is that you could even sell things to a broader target audience.

There are various e-commerce websites that you could use to set up an online store to sell your goods using any of the multiple shopping carts easily available. 

Stop waste time and start today!

Don’t worry if you don’t have knowledge in programming or coding to build a website, now you just need to have your products ready, a payment gateway to accept payments, and a courier service to start selling things online!

The opportunities with the Internet are vast, thus nowadays being unemployed can be actually the beginning of a new chapter of life, where you discover and use your passions and skills to build up something that in the longer term could sustain you. 

Remember that with the power of the internet, the opportunities are endless.

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