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Fast & Easy Checkout Process

Deliver a seamless checkout experience by integrating with iPay88’s payment system into your website or app. Your business will be able to accept various payment methods via bank cards, online banking to e-wallets.

Specially Designed For:



Simplify your customer’s checkout process as Tokenization helps to store credit card details securely without needing to repeatedly insert the information.


Wide Payment Options

Your business will be able to accept widely accepted local and international payment methods such as online banking, e-wallets and bank cards.


Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

Give freedom to your customers to pay for their higher-value purchases with interest-free monthly instalment plans.


Attract Customers

Encourage more sales and traffic with campaigns and promotions. Customize them with desired discount, campaign period, conditions, percentage and fixed amount.


Cross-Border Payment

Let your customers pay wherever they are with iPay88’s acceptance of multiple currencies including MYR, EUR, SGD, USD and more for easy checkout process.


Responsive Checkout Interface

Allow your customers to experience a smooth checkout process on desktop, mobile or tablet as iPay88 is able to support the interaction with its responsive design.


App Integration with SDK

Similar to web integration, your app will experience easier and faster integrating process with mobile SDK integration.


Robust External API

iPay88 provides external API integration that allows your website to connect to iPay88 through back-end to back-end communication via HTTP.

Fast and Easy Web Checkout Process

Shopping Carts

Are you looking for a complete e-commerce experience? iPay88’s payment acquisition plug-in integrates quickly into a wide range of popular shopping carts.


Straightforward integration

Choose to integrate with our pre-integrated payment module or plug-in for your choice of shopping carts.


Faster execution

We work with various shopping carts to provide plug-in for iPay88. It enables fast deployment and reduces integration to the payment gateway.

Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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