5 examples of how product bundling can increase store revenue

For some, product bundling might sound like a strange term while others do not find any interests to that practice. But, before you jump into conclusions, did you know that product bundling marketing has been revolving in our daily lives for a very long time? Relax, there’s no need to crack your head on this,

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4 tips you need to know when shopping and paying online

Looking at our lifestyle and surroundings now, our lives have reached a point where online purchasing becomes a common activity in our lives; anything from food items to daily essentials, they are easily attainable with just a few clicks away. While brands continue to make their products and services appealing to consumers, the aggressive battle

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How can you easily convince your customers to buy from you

Most of us probably had our first exposure to trading when we were younger; we tagged along when our parents fed us with simple joy like shopping.  Back in our younger days, it did not take much to know why the 2 people were exchanging physical money over the counter; we took things from the

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Why you should make personalised marketing your new year goal

Have you ever envisioned yourself walking into a store and the next thing you know, someone in it welcomes you with your name. Sounds creepy?  Well fortunately, this is only an analogy to describe what personalised marketing is.  However, we can’t deny that it does feel rather amusing to have our names greeted by a stranger. 

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Boost your business in 2019 with these amazing new year resolutions!

It does not feel like we’re dancing into the dawn of a new year without asking “So, what’s your new year resolution?”  Without realising or giving much thought into it, most of us will probably blurt out similar goals like last year: “I’m going to be more productive”, “I’m going to eat healthy” or probably

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Why are co-working spaces gaining more attention?

Do you realise that there is a trend going on recently?  If you paid enough attention to business columns or news sites, you would at least come across a few articles covering about shared working spaces in and outside of the country.  Before you start guessing why, this phenomenon is actually attributed by the jump

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How you can use packaging inserts to grow customer loyalty

Whether or not you agree with this, most of us are never fully loyal to any brands.  Forget about keeping up with brand names that exist in the market today, the numbers are more than enough for consumers to pay attention to.  Ask yourself, are you loyal to any brands to the point of declaring

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Everything you need to know about Millennials’ spending habits

Not long before our lives revolved around digital devices, the economy and its development were supported by the more matured group of working adults.  Thanks to their contribution in advancing the society, we are able to live in comfort and enjoy the fruits of their labour, today.  In just a blink of an eye, a

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Do not underestimate the power of influencer marketing

For a word as simple as “influencer”, Google or the dictionary itself is able to clearly explain its role of influencing the behaviour of others.  But, as it sinks into the context of marketing, the word expands itself into a greater role.  Long gone are the days of TV to shelf marketing, consumers were sick

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3 Reasons why you should start a niche business

One of the fascinating things about running a retail business is the bliss of evaluating your shoppers’ shopping habits and understanding their desires. As shoppers, we need not worry about possessing unattainable goods when there’s a sea of choices to choose from. But as sellers or merchants, one should know better when it comes to

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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