4 Main Things You Should Know Before Advertising Digitally

Digital advertising has been a crucial component of marketing strategy, so if it’s not in your marketing strategy, it should be. Other than that, digital advertising has also received a considerable attention because it is more cost-effective compared to conventional advertising. The growing numbers of people who access Internet nowadays made advertising digitally much easier,

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Web 3.0 Technologies and Their Advantages

Before you could understand Web 3.0 better, you must understand how the previous version works first.  Web 3.0 is known as a data-driven web and the term was coined by Tim Berners-Lee, the person who invented the World Wide Web.  Basically, Web 3.0 is the extension of Web 2.0 in which the information is more

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Web 2.0 And The Advantages Of Its Applications

Web 2.0 applications and technologies have been a hype ever since they started to be developed and many people seemed to be excited about them.  However, many of us still wonder about the advantages and benefits that such technology can bring to our businesses. To those who are still feeling confused, we listed some of

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5 Best Market-Challenger Strategies That You Need To Know

Nowadays, the business market is saturated, because there are many merchants selling similar goods or services. So, this indirectly means that any market that you choose to enter will make you a market challenger. In order to reduce the number of competitors, you must inject fear for future market entrants. The common mistake that most

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Top 4 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Activities

Managing customer relationship in an effective way is very important given the importance of retaining customers so that they would not switch to your competitors. Marketing, sales, support and feedback are the main arms of CRM. CRM is important and should not be neglected whether you are doing online or offline business. Here, we summarized

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5 Marketing Trends You Need To Watch Out In 2018

What are the motives behind trends and how do we identify them? It is a question that we often ask ourselves; as marketers, we may want to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and news to make sure we are not missing out on anything. This is important as we must make sure that

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Top 5 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a very strong tool for marketers as it is able to influence others and also help to generate purchasing intention through content marketing.  Many companies have at least one social media channel to advertise their products or services and to appeal to the customers. I believe most of us now are

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6 methods to outstretch your marketing budget

It may be true to some extent that, you need to spend money to make money; however, small business owners often find it difficult as they have limited funds to spare. To keep your business profitable, you need to make sure every marketing money that you spend brings the highest ROI (return of investment). Below

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8 ways to increase your online sales this Chinese New Year

The month of December and January are one of the biggest sales month for the Malaysian e-Commerce ecosystem. The reason for this sudden push is that Malaysian consumers buy more during this season. Most retailers and e-Commerce sites have sales to clear their old stocks and generate a buzz to the public. Whenever something noteworthy

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The future of e-Commerce and what you need to know about it

In the recent years, the e-Commerce landscape revolution has transformed the shopping experience to the point where you can find great deals even without stepping out from the house.  Everyone who is involved in the e-Commerce game knows that it is a constantly changing environment, as technologies keep improving and companies are battling against each

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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