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Web 3.0 Technologies and Their Advantages

The Advantages of Web 3.0 Technologies - iPay88
Web 3.0 Technologies and Their Advantages

Before you could understand Web 3.0 better, you must understand how the Web 2.0, the previous version works first. 

Web 3.0 is known as a data-driven web and the term was coined by Tim Berners-Lee, the person who invented the World Wide Web. 

What is Web 3.0?

Basically, Web 3.0 is the extension of Web 2.0 in which the information is more well-defined, better enabled computers and people to work as a whole.

Mapping applications on mobile devices, according to Peter Roesler, are one of the examples of Web 3.0. 

This is because users can send and receive information and only relevant ads will be shown to them when they are using it.

Here, we summarized 4 advantages of Web 3.0:

Advantage 1: More efficient searching

As mentioned earlier, with Web 3.0, you will be able to search for information more efficiently. 

This is because based on what you are typing, instead of bringing you to the most popular page that people click, they will provide you with more relevant search results. 

This is because Web 3.0 is more intelligent than the previous version as more specific information will be available to the users. 

So, this is a good thing as it means more efficient web browsing! 

It’s great as you will be able to save more time to search for the information and be more productive.

types of online marketing

Advantage 2: Better and effective marketing

Web 3.0 technology also allows you to do better and effective marketing. This is because of its nature of interpreting text semantically. 

So, let’s say you want to associate certain keywords with your brand, it will then, try to interpret it accordingly. 

Previously, we were not able to do so and it was quite a nightmare when the keywords that you used would direct the user to other things. 

For example, you want to use the keywords, such as ‘head’ for your headscarf and then, a picture of severe head injury comes out. 

You seriously don’t want that to happen and that’s where Web 3.0 technology comes to the rescue, because it helps interpret the keywords accordingly.

browsing a website using laptop

Advantage 3: More personalized browsing experience

Previously, we would have hated whenever an advert popped-up while we were browsing websites, especially those intrusive adverts. 

However, with Web 3.0 technologies, it provides a more personalized browsing experience because it will only show something we genuinely want or something that we missed. 

With this, the web applications will be more attuned to our usage habit as those websites can customize themselves to fit best to our device, location and many more. 

This is a very good advantage for those in the business because adverts target right people.

Advantage 4: Richer app experience

A good example to support this is map applications. This is because not only did they help to direct you to the location you desired, but it also provides traffic information and inform you on special offers that might interest you. 

So, this in return, benefits everyone, be it a customer or a merchant as the web has become more intelligent. It only showed you advertisements that might interest you based on your past searches and also past purchases.

Moving forward

In conclusion, the emergence of Web 3.0 technologies has improved a lot of things in the digital world. The web has become more intelligent for human consumption. 

It has also made marketing job much easier as it helps target your advertisements at the right people, so you will be able to boost your sales leads. 

Other than that, if you noticed, the Internet has also become a much safer place to send and receive information because there are many ways to ensure your safety. 

Just like how we want to be safe while surfing the Internet, iPay88 also has ‘ZepSecure’ to manage risk and fraud for those who chose to pay or accept money online. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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