How Can You Easily Convince Your Customers to Buy from You?

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Most of us probably had our first exposure to trading when we were younger; we tagged along when our parents fed us with simple joy like shopping. 

Back in the days, it did not take much to know why the 2 people were exchanging physical money over the counter; we took things from the store and our parents most likely paid for it before we left with the goods. 

From a young age, their actions pretty much taught us how buying takes place. Now, while buying is not a skill that needs to be taught, being able to sell something is another different story.

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How to convince a customer to buy your product?

In the movie of The Wolf of Wall Street, the final scene shares an impactful lesson about selling. 

Staring straight into the eyes of the person, the actor pulls out an object from his pocket and makes a firm request to him: “Sell me this pen”. 

Needless to say, the reply did not amuse him and he moves on to the next person. 

However, there is no model answer to this question. If you study it closely, “sell me this pen” is merely a trick question; there is no way you can succeed if you jump straight into selling.

The truth is, buyers never really cared about the product features because everyone perceives them differently.

Instead, it’s the end value that it brings us. Before you try to sell something, you need to “form a relationship” with the buyer.

How to persuade customers to buy, online?

Get to know their situation and understand their needs, and you will turn the whole session into a fruitful one in the end.

Of course, there is always more than one way for sellers to convince their potential customers to buy.

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1. Make your product description clear

For first time buyers of a particular brand or product, most people would not know what they are searching for. 

And for that reason, they are especially careful of their purchases. 

But even for regular shoppers, it makes sense to know what they are buying before the purchase is made official.

Make it clear to your customers and go straight to the point. You can speak the language of benefits but do not promise what you cannot keep.

Most of all, show photos that accurately represent the product but make it professional.
You don’t want to turn off your customers’ interests nor do you want to provide unrealistic expectations to them.

Creating a great impression during first encounters can go a long way with repurchasing possibilities.

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2. Give out “bonuses”

In this context, giving away bonuses means offering samples or free gifts to customers in an unexpected manner. 

These small gestures make great ice-breakers between sellers and first-time buyers; customers generally feel happy and connected to your brand. 

Any company can sell a product or service that a customer looks for, but it takes the right amount of effort and creativity to impress your customers. 

The next time before you send your customers off with a “thank you”, try adding some samples or a note inside their bags. 

Perhaps you may not know if they really liked it, but it definitely distinguishes your brand from others. 

Ultimately, the goal is to be unique and leave an impression in customers’ minds.

3. Always be there for your customers

We all know that feeling when something goes wrong and our minds are constantly searching for an answer from someone. 

Similarly, your customers might be in a state of anxiety too when they realise there is an issue, which leads them to abandon their cart

Naturally, your customers would want to reach out to someone they can trust and assist them with their problems. Under these circumstances, make sure that your company is reachable on all social media platforms. 

Your contact details should be visible and contactable. It’s even better if you have a robust customer service team that’s available 24/7 over email, or over the phone.

When you do this, customers will know that they will get answers to their questions should anything come up.

However, don’t forget to follow up and check on their status to ensure the problem is completely resolved. Show your customers how much you care about them and make them feel special.

If you show your customers loyalty, they will show you theirs. All your efforts will definitely pay off in the long term.

4. Make every effort count

Truth be told, turning every potential customer into your regular customer could be a challenging task.

Nonetheless, if you could think from your customers’ perspectives and understand their needs, you might end up with a satisfying outcome.


No doubt that generating sales is vital to a business’s performance, but selling does not dictate the whole purpose of the company. Moving forward, try building a bond with your customers, and your efforts might just pay off.

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