Top 5 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing


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Social media has become a very strong tool for marketers as it is able to influence others and also help to generate purchasing intention through content marketing. 

Many companies have at least one social media channel to advertise their products or services and to appeal to the customers. I believe most of us now are familiar with the words – Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and Youtube, just like how some of us are familiar with the word Friendster back in the 2000s. 

There are five reasons why you should be involved in social media marketing.

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1. Marketing costs are much lower

This is because in creating a social media account for your business, the cost is minimal. 

All you need to do is to think of a suitable content to market your business and make sure that it appeals to your customers. 

Buy a good camera so that all the pictures that you are going to post are of a very high quality, because nobody wants to see a dull-looking image of the products you are selling, as it makes your products less attractive. 

I mean, before this, you need to outsource or find a skilled person to do the marketing job for you but now, you can actually do it yourself as the process gets simpler by time and of course cheaper, too!

2.Wider reach, because everyone online is connected

These days, even kids at the age of 12 have Facebook. So, social media marketing opens the opportunity for business to gain a wider reach. 

For instance, in the past, people can only read and download the content from the websites but now, they are able to share it to others, as well. 

Therefore, social media is a very good platform if you are planning to position the product or service you are selling at the top of the customers’ mind. 

It serves as good reminder to your customer every time you post something on your social media business account.

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3. Increase online purchase intention

By doing social media marketing, you could also increase their online purchase intention which in return, would result in higher conversion rates. 

This is because every post, if done properly, can trigger customers to buy the product or service you are selling. 

As you can see, many big companies, especially those working in the fashion industry, much less frequently advertise their products on TV or radio, because they believe that social media is enough to influence customers and move them to buy the products or services they sell as it has been proven to generate sales. 

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4. Enhance customer experience

Social media makes customers’ life easier. 

This is because they are able to reach out to the company easily without the hassle of logging into their emails or calling them just to wait for another hour to speak to people in customer service. 

They could just send you a direct message via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ask you for your help and just wait awhile for customer support to attend to their needs and wants. 

In addition, some customers also like to leave a comment on the pictures you would post to state the problems they are facing with the company and the way you reply will reflect how you treat your customers; it would be a great way to leave a good impression on your customers so that they would repeat the purchase and become loyal to you.

5. Do a competitive analysis

The existence of social media allows companies to do competitive analysis, because one can always observe what their competitors do. 

Therefore, from there, they will be able to highlight the strong points of their competitors and discover their weaknesses to ensure that they are able to take advantage. 

It is important to know what your competitors do as you may want to learn one or two things from them especially if they are very successful in the industry.

In conclusion, marketers need to be up to date and always equip themselves with the right skills and knowledge to make sure that they are able to keep up with the trend. 

The impact of social media marketing should never be neglected. So, as a person in the business industry, discover which social networks work the best for you and start working from there.

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