Part 1: 3 Steps to build an e-Commerce business

In order to start an e-Commerce business, you require patience, hard-work and decisions that come together with the right idea, right moment, and right time. There are various factors, that come into play when you launch your online store and want it to grow.  In order for you to imagine better, we have compiled three

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4 Ways To Boost Your Business During Slow Moving Periods

With the FIFA World Cup being just ended, not many businesses ended the month with a high-note in terms of business sales. If you have noticed your sales declining, do not worry, you are not alone as many businesses fell into “Anti-Football Consumption”. Businesses like cinemas and restaurants were deeply affected, as fast-food joints, bars

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What is iPay88 tokenisation and why do e-Commerce businesses need it?

What is tokenisation? “Tokenisation” is a trendy payment word in the ecommerce world. It is an easy process that will allow you to link to your customer’s bank details with a digital token.  No additional configuration is required and it will simplify future purchases as entering bankcard details will be avoided, which will speed up

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6 Methods to Increase your Brand Presence while on a Tight Budget

Your brand may change as your business grows or shifts its direction.  Companies need to ensure stability for brand to catch up with the ever-evolving consumer trends. It does not matter what types of business industry you are in, every businesses requires branding. As an entrepreneur trying to outstand millions of online businesses, the task

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5 Reasons Why Your Customer Might Be Abandoning Their Shopping Carts

Cart abandonment is a complicated issue, not all carts are abandoned in the same way. Without understanding why customers abandon carts, it is impossible to reduce cart abandonment. Ecommerce business owners easily drive themselves into exhaustion trying to make sense of abandoned shopping carts. In order to save your precious time, we will share 5

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How to Increase Sales during Ramadhan

As we all know the Holy Month of Ramadhan has just started.  Therefore, it is important to take a note on the customers buying patterns, because the Ramadan month is a high season for not just online sales but also to those selling offline.  A study done by Criteo showed that over a million transactions

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4 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website

For many business owners, increased traffic is one of the many things that makes them happy. This is because it is a sign that people are showing interest in the products or services the business is selling. This kind of visitors could turn into customers if you are promoting your product on the website the

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The Benefits of Inserting Humorous Element in Advertisement

Small business owners spend great amounts of money, especially on advertising, but many times, they do not see the results they had hoped for.  There is a variety of reasons why an advertisement does not work: such as not selecting the right media to reach to your target market, but even if your advertising reaches

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4 Best Promotional Strategies

A good promotional strategy is important to ensure your growth in the business industry.  This is because without a good promotional strategy, people will be unaware of your brand and thus, choose not to buy from you.  You can actually use more than one method to promote your brand because each method will serve a

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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