6 Methods to Increase your Brand Presence while on a Tight Budget (Part 2)


In the previous blog entry, we identified 3 methods to help increase your brand presence while on a tight budget; today we continue with another 3 methods.

methods to increase your brand presence

4. Track your brand mentions

Using the search engines, you can track how often your brand name is mentioned online.

Make sure your company has a unique name that is differ from others. If the mentions of your brand get mixed up among the mentions of a similar brand name, it will be time-consuming to filter out your brand name.

It is almost impossible to monitor everything when there is so many things happening online.

You can start off by exploring the free tools that are available on the internet. There are many tools that will track where your brand name is being used online.

For example, Google Alert is a free online tool provided by Google that allows you to track your search terms so that you won’t miss out on mentions.

It allows you to monitor the web for the mentions of your competitors, your company or any other relevant topics you are interested in.

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There are still a large number of businesses that haven’t jumped into the content marketing trend yet, although the idea of content marketing has been around us for years.

The benefits of content marketing are: increased organic search traffic, shortened the sales cycle, more leads generated, and become an expert in our own industry.

A good way to start content marketing in order to increase brand awareness is by blogging regularly.

Blogging might seem like a passive course of action especially for those brands that are less visible. Blogging however could increase brand awareness by driving traffic to your website.

Start by creating content that is interesting to your target audience. Your blog articles should be relevant to the services or products that you are currently offering.

Nowadays, consumers are learning about services and products through social media and search, this is why it’s important to engage with your consumers online.

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6. Brands collaboration

By collaborating with other non-competitive brands, both sides can benefit from sharing the resources to increase leads, brand awareness and influence.

Now, with the help of internet, the process and options of collaborative marketing are just a tap away.

When companies come together with the common goal, audience, or interest, they can work together in a number of ways to influence together.

ipay88 training

For example, iPay88 had a soft launch of iPay88 Academy in late May. iPay88 Academy aims to educate the society and businesses on ecommerce and grow it exponentially with the support from the audience.

With the coming launch of our iPay88 Academy, we have collaborated with a few local players of ecommerce, including the partners in logistics, digital marketing, and shopping carts, to make the Academy a successful one.


Given several methods mentioned above on how to increase your brand presence on a tight budget, you as a business owner need to make full use of methods in order to stand a chance to fight with the bigger players.

The methods above might work for you, if you executed them carefully.

You can always come to talk to us if you wish to know more about how we build our brand awareness throughout our time in this competitive e-commerce industry.

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