How you can use packaging inserts to grow customer loyalty


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Whether or not you agree with this, most of us are never fully loyal to any brands. 

Forget about keeping up with brand names that exist in the market today, the numbers are more than enough for consumers to pay attention to. 

Ask yourself, are you loyal to any brands to the point of declaring your fondness across social media channels?

The answer could not be more obvious, as it is almost impossible to find customers devoting their attention to only one brand. 

With temptations luring us away from one brand to another, it is making consumers to second guess their choices in the first place.

However, as the competition gets stiff, companies are looking at loyalty programs and strategies to fill in the gap between their customers. 

It is not unusual at all to say that loyalty and rewards programs have become commonplace in today’s society. In fact, it was a marketing practice that began as early as 1700. 

From its early beginnings, retailers gave out copper tokens to customers in an exchange for a redemption of products during their next purchase. 

And until modern day, loyalty programs are now optimised for mobile apps. Even so, the race continues as brands strive to introduce captivating loyalty programs, forcing them to think out of the box.

Fret not, as marketing with package inserts could be just one of the new ways that businesses are adopting to facilitate their sales. 

This method is becoming an increasingly common practice among online merchants in an effort to boost brand awareness and grow customer loyalty.

How to exceed customers’ expectations with packaging inserts

Looking at the current potential and growth of the e-commerce industry, there are close to no reasons or doubts for choosing to shop online nowadays. 

open a parcel with surprise

Its addition to the retail family has not only allowed consumers to enjoy satisfying convenience, but it also induces a sense of delight at the same time.

Think about it, don’t you agree that having your parcel arriving at your doorstep is closest to the best feeling ever?

The moment we receive our parcels, our sub consciousness has already drove us to unwrapping the parcels, assuming that most of us shop online.

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What’s usually left behind are the packaging and wrapper, where most of us would not even pay much attention to. 

But, the next time before you send them off for disposal, take a few glances to make sure there are no packaging inserts inside, as there might be surprises that you did not expect. 

A packaging insert is an additional item that online retailers put into their shipments before sending them off to customers. 

In case you are wondering, these packaging inserts are free of charge and they usually caught customers by surprise.

Bear in mind, consumers tend to have a short attention span, and to ink an impression on their minds means going the extra mile. 

Many brands are recognising this as an added advantage to their business, and are leveraging on packaging inserts to spread awareness about campaigns and promotions. 

After all, this gesture are cost-effective and versatile for building a relationship with your customers.

Here are a few tips you can make marketing creative with packing inserts.

happy when open a parcel box

 1. Throw in discount offers

Discounts are one of the most popular and straightforward ways used by retailers to entice consumers to shop. 

Even though retailers have the liberty to publicly giveaway discount codes and vouchers via emails or social media channels, but including a physical copy right inside customer’s package makes them feel special. 

Plus, it also serves as a tangible reminder so that customers do not miss out or overlook it from their screens. 

There is no need for extensive or dramatic designs, something as simple as a coupon code for a 20% discount on their next purchase could do the job just right.

2. Melt their hearts with random surprises

Admit it, everyone loves a surprise! Free things are a mood booster as it can be quite fun to receive free things that were not ordered in the first place. 

Generally, it does not take much for a sale to take place, as long as you know how to market your products well. But to expect a repeated purchase from customers? 

That’s a different story. Earn a favourable spot in your customers’ heart by letting them realise that your company is one of a kind. 

Reward them by giving out random surprise treats and your brand name will sure be off from the forgotten list. 

And if they love the idea, it might also earn your brand some social media mentions too.

3. Everybody likes free samples:

Here’s a quick question, what’s the best thing next to a holiday? 

That’s right, it’s FREE samples! While most of us do not commit to only one brand, some of us are just keen to only buy the same type of product over and over again. 

It’s almost akin to devouring the same meal each time you visit the same restaurant. 

For someone who has not tried anything different from the menu, it can be difficult to convince them to order something different the next round. 

Similar to shopping, any under-appreciated products that are not getting the right amount of attention could use some exposure. 

Don’t be easy on the free samples, toss them in the package for your existing customers. 

What’s a better way to market them than this, anyway. Besides, that extra product will cost you very little but will go a long way towards increasing customer satisfaction.

thank you note

4. A thank you note goes a long way

Sometimes, all customers need is to feel appreciated and valued. 

And if you assume that the customer-retailer relationship ends just right after their purchase ends, think again. 

Instead, be creative in bonding with your customers. 

Each time after a purchase is made, show them that you treasure their contribution by including a handcrafted or personalised thank you note inside their packages. 

Of course, handwritten notes are a bonus; not only are they inexpensive, but they are also thoughtful.

This type of correspondence provides a customer experience that the big boys can no longer provide, giving you an advantage in our current market.

As compared to costly marketing campaigns and advertising, marketing with packaging inserts are equally effective. 

Although simple, it is a fun and inexpensive way to encourage engagement with customers. If it is done properly, your brand will earn trust and favourability in exchange for that small amount of effort. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how much thoughts and creativity are put into packaging inserts. 

It’s never too late to start, so go ahead and brainstorm on the suitable methods that make packaging inserts work for your online store.

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