Part 3: 3 steps to build an e-Commerce business


Now that you have read the previous parts of this blog series, which were “plan” and “create”, it is the time to launch your online store! 

If you have done everything listed in the previous two entries, you should be ready to kick off your website!

steps to build an ecommerce business


1. Pre-launch

Once your website goes live, there will be no point of return. 

Thus, this is the last chance for you to do a final check on your site before it launches, so you better take full advantage of it!

Prior to launching, you should evaluate your site and test out all the possibilities that might occur. Things that you should check out:


You should test the website layout on different types of devices (Mobile / Tablet / Computer). 

This is to make sure that people who access your site have an optimal experience. 

responsive website

You must include the design that gives the same experience for different screen sizes and page-load times. 

You need to optimize the site for mobile users so that visitors won’t leave due to inconvenience.

Did you know that, by having a mobile responsive website, it will automatically change to fit the device the user are accessing the site on? 

If your site is mobile friendly, it will benefit from the search engine optimization (SEO) as Google reviews mobile and desktop website activity. The rankings are based on how people access the website.

announcing graphich

Announcing the pre-launch

If your e-Commerce business has a social media site, you should start publishing posts to announce the pre-launching dates or announcement related to your site. 

A pre-launch sneak peek is a great way to gather virality and create a buzz around your brand on the social media platforms.

For example:

If you have started building an email list for your newsletter, you can start sending the announcement to your subscribers too. 

You can also try word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising by announcing your e-Commerce business pre-launch to your family or close friends.

BONUS TIP: Remember to proof-read all the contents that you intend to publish on the site.


So, how are you going to let others know about your brand new e-Commerce store? 

You need to have a viable plan to attract the attention of as many people as possible.

a girl surprise while looking at screen

You can do this by having promotions on your e-Commerce store. 

If you have built up a subscribers list, you can also start sending them discount codes if they make purchases in your store. 

You can even run a contest to reward the users depending on the platform you have chosen. 

Do some community building as well by chatting in various social media groups or even forums.


Remember! If you did not see the results you wanted to see in the first few days, give it some time! You can always re-visit our previous blog entries and check out the steps you have missed out. Remember, that e-Commerce might be a tough game, that has many different scenarios and variables, that you need to take into consideration. With time, you will develop your knowledge and gain more insights into how to grow faster. If you have previously enjoyed reading the blog articles written by us, why don’t you bring your e-Commerce knowledge to another level? You can now start enrolling to our iPay88 Academy courses for FREE to learn more about e-Commerce. We created the classes to three different levels to cater to your needs and level of knowledge: beginner, intermediate and advanced. We hope that this post is indeed helpful for you and if you’re interested in reading more blogs like this, check all our blog posts.
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