Online shopping hacks: How to survive the 11.11 sales


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Tick tock, tick tock! Something big is making its way to the town real soon. 

Mark your calendars and stand-by on your credit cards, you’ll thank us later on. 

In case you are still scratching your head to figure out what the buzz is all about (don’t worry, no zombies are involved), it’s no other than the biggest online sale of the year!

Good news for everyone, as being in the month of November also means we are just a few days away from the much anticipated 11.11 sales. 

Whether you consider yourself a shopaholic or not, certainly no person in the 21st century could resist this temptation and forgo the opportunity to snap up some irresistible deals. 

As you may have already guessed it, 11.11 spells out the date of the event, which falls on the 11th of November. 

Ever since the widely known Single’s Day in China has transformed itself from “anti-Valentine’s Day” for Chinese singles to a global shopping festival in 2009, it has been racking up record numbers, attracting shoppers in the Asian region, particularly China.


Due to its overwhelming response, more and more retailers have been jumping on the bandwagon, with local e-commerce giants participating in the game as well. 

As the competition gets stiff, local giants are aggressively hogging up advertising spaces on social media platforms to promote the much-anticipated event; hoping it will draw shopper’s attention to their website at the same time. 

Of course, this day serves more than just a marketing strategy, as this is also the perfect time for shoppers to cross some items off their wish lists and bags them home. 

However, just as most shoppers get their hands busy on these eye-popping deals, be sure to prep yourself for the occasion.

Here are some online shopping hacks and how you can navigate through the chaos of Single’s Day to find the best deals.

Get your account set up before the actual day

What better word to describe the 11.11 phenomenon than – stealing? Well, not literally of course. 

Apart from stealing our attention, be prepared as others will also be eyeing on these deals. Shopping on Single’s Day is akin to putting yourself out in a war. 

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Everybody is fighting for that piece of 50% discounted outfit, and it would be naive to think if you are one of the first few ones to notice it. 

On normal days, any other discounted items displayed on physical stores are most likely ignored or overlooked. 

But the outcome is the opposite when it is shown online, as nobody likes to be left out and miss out the deals.

So, if you don’t act fast enough, these deals will sure be snapped in just a blink of an eye. 

Moreover, if you are keen on being part of the online shopping warrior, be sure to get your account signed up on your favourite shopping sites. 

You would not regret this, as the best deals are usually wiped out during the first hour. Instead, you will be left with only scraps if you chose to register at the very last minute.

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Do your research and compare prices, first!

Truthfully speaking, who would not be tempted by the sight of big discounts and promotions? 

Prices originated from over a hundred are slashed to just 2 digits; or how about coming across signs that say “promo deals, for one day only!”. 

Even with little or no marketing effort, these sightings are already sufficient to distract shoppers and penetrate into our psychology. 

If you consider yourself an impulsive buyer or a lazy shopper, take note of this. 

In the sea of cheap bargains and unlimited offers, it is not at all surprising if you missed out on the details. 

One way or another, our brains might be “tricked” into thinking that all the deals displayed and shared are worth every single penny. 

However, a smart shopper would not let this get in the way of their decision-making process.

For first-timers trying to hustle through the 11.11 deals, outstand the rest and conduct some research beforehand, as this could save you some unwanted disappointments. 

As the saying goes, “don’t believe everything you see on the internet”, and this cannot be truer. 

For instances, some prices are artificially blown up on the website just to entice visitors and to give them a false impression. 

Try doing your homework prior to this and check the prices of similar products on different websites. 

Don’t forget to check out brick and mortar stores as well to see if you can grab a better deal from there.

Double check before adding in your shopping cart

There is no wrong in pampering yourself once in a while, especially if you have worked hard for it. 

In fact, nothing beats the feeling of soaking in a bath full of everything we love. 

mini trolly with laptop at behind

Besides, massive online sales like these give shoppers even more reasons to indulge in items that they fancy. 

Despite that, the rule of thumb to make sure that you enjoy your overall experience is by not overspending on unnecessary items. 

In other words, don’t buy things that you don’t need just because they are on sale. 

While some goods do look like they deserved to be in our carts, sometimes it could be just a second of misjudgment. 

Don’t guilt-trip yourself for deciding not to purchase it, instead ask yourself this – “Do I really need it?” 

And if the answer is no, the wise choice would be to save up that buck for something more useful instead. 

Most importantly, you would not want to end up regretting your decision and wishing you have done otherwise instead.

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Paying through recognised platforms

As compared to other duties, shopping might be considered one of the least mentally draining tasks. 

Apart from studying the goods that we need, the next thing is to get your credit cards or payments ready to proceed to the next stage. 

The process might seem simple and straightforward, but it actually takes more than that to examine 

if a shopping site is worth investing your time and money in. 

In common practices, it is relatively normal for shoppers to overlook the features that make up a trustworthy site. 

Shoppers chose to visit a particular site when they found something that meets their needs or when the price drives them to take a step further. 

It definitely does give off a sense of accomplishment after the whole purchasing process is completed, but how many shoppers are actually aware if they are shopping at a secure site? 

No doubt that shopping is overall a fulfilling experience, but don’t be fooled into revealing your private information to untrusted parties.

Hence, stay vigilant and keep a clear mind when you visit certain shopping sites. 

Be aware of the sites’ privacy policy and double check to make sure their online payment system is recognised and safe for your next action. 

As a matter of fact, shoppers should pay a closer attention to the payment services they are engaging with. 

Payment services like iPay88 that are certified with PCI-DSS compliance earn a greater credibility on the e-commerce site. 

Not only does it ensure a seamless payment experience for your customers, but it could also earn you with their trust.

Thus, increasing customer satisfaction and resulting in greater returning sales.

If you are looking for a trusted payment gateway service provider, stop by at iPay88 today for more information. 

Feel free to also contact us for a free consultation and learn more about how to minimise your online fraud risk and protect your customer’s data today.

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