The Past, Present And Future Of Payment Processing

Past – It seems hard to believe now, but years ago, businesses did not accept credit cards and in general the credit cards were perceived as a big novelty. Before the boom of e-commerce in the mid-2000s, businesses had to determine whether accepting credit card payments was the best decision for their businesses. Even though,

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Tips While Adding A Payment Gateway To Your e-Commerce Sites

Any merchant that does sell online or has an e-commerce business website needs to have a payment gateway that is seamlessly integrated into his or her business sites. To be in business, you must sell things. To sell things, money must be in the medium of exchange. For money to flow, you need a way

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Why does your business needed LinkedIn?

iPay88 has previously written about 6 reasons why you should use Instagram for your business. We have also spoken about why your business should use Facebook, and what benefits Twitter could bring to your business growth as well. Today, we continue our social media series and we’ll talk about LinkedIn. So what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn

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Why is PCI DSS compliance important in today’s market?

PCI compliance is compulsory for every e-Commerce merchant that accepts credit or debit card payments on their website. This is because, every information entered by customers is private and sensitive data, so it must be well-protected. If you accept, store, process, or use credit card data in your business, you are subjected to PCI DSS

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6 Fun Facts And Surprising Malaysia Digital Statistics That You Should Know

One of the most dynamic countries online in Southeast Asia (SEA), Malaysia is an attractive market e-Commerce. A middle-income country with a population of more than 30 million people, Malaysia attracts players from local and global companies that are interested in grabbing share of its e-Commerce market. Now, Malaysia has topped the google search results

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6 Ways To Improve Internet Security And Protect Customer Data

With the recent cyber-attacks such as WannaCry ransomware attack, an increasing number of consumers notice that their personal information is stolen by hackers.  While hackers increasingly target large retailers and eCommerce sites, small to medium business (SME) are also exposed to hackers which they sell customer information to the third party or the black market.

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6 Benefits of having mPOS for your business

If your business has been accepting card payments, a traditional POS (Point-of-sale) terminal is nothing new to you. In order to enable it, you need to have a telephone line, electronic cash register system, a receipt printer, barcode scanners and a card-swiping device. What is mPOS? Similarly to POS, Mpos (mobile point-of-sale) carries similar functions.

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4 Marketing Trends that every marketer should be following in 2017

Digital marketing trends change fast. What works today may not work tomorrow. The technology is constantly updating. To maintain and expand your customer base, by all means, you need to do everything it takes to keep up with the latest marketing trends, else your competitors will win the audience. Here are a few examples affecting

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Grow your business offline with these Guerrilla Marketing tips

When we talk about marketing, usually you will hear SEO, social media, email and PPC.  But you also need to remember that everything can become a potential marketing channel.  In simple terms, you need to take up an aggressive approach to promote your brand and make it visible, as well as well-known and recognisable all

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What’s The Difference Between a Shopping Cart and a Payment Gateway?

What is a shopping cart? To enable your website to accept online payments, you will need both: a payment gateway and an online shopping cart.  These both can’t stand-alone and can’t operate without each other. But have you figure out the difference between the two?  The two main components of an e-commerce payment processing platform

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Why Competing On Prices Is Bad For Your e-Commerce Site

Did you ever made a price comparison list when you were shopping online on e-Commerce websites? You would shop at that e-Commerce website, because it has lower prices compared to its competitors?  Have you ever felt worried that you can’t make profit, because your item is selling for the same or lower price on e-Commerce

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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