What’s with all the hype surrounding e-wallets

Could you believe that just over a decade ago, a smartphone was considered as one of the most impressive gadgets introduced in the market?  When it was officially launched, it became the hottest topic in town.  And if anyone happened to be the first few lucky ones to own it, they definitely would have stolen

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Online shopping hacks: How to survive the 11.11 sales

Tick tock, tick tock! Something big is making its way to the town real soon.  Mark your calendars and stand-by on your credit cards, you’ll thank us later on.  In case you are still scratching your head to figure out what the buzz is all about (don’t worry, no zombies are involved), it’s no other

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How to turn every business nightmare into an opportunity

At some point of our lives, we have definitely been under the spotlight for a bad customer service encounter.  Other times, we became a spectator of someone else’s disastrous occurrence.  Even on normal days, it is not surprising to come across headlines that involve businesses ripping off their reputation overnight for sabotaging relationships with their

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Think twice before believing in these email marketing myths

Growing up, there is nothing more thrilling than giving someone heebie-jeebies the classic way – telling them untrue facts or myths that would keep them thinking all night.  Admit it or not, most of us have been victims to beliefs like “taking 7 years for your gum to digest if you swallowed it” or “expect

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Are cashback shopping sites really winning the hearts of shoppers?

There was a time where the famous and highly admired Spanish painter Pablo Picasso once said: “Everything you can imagine is real.”  And true enough, his words were able to uphold the standards of our living today.  With the expectations that are rising in this dynamic-driven society, what may seem like a wishful thinking could

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Do Malaysians believe in going cashless?

If you grew up using shillings or small notes in exchange for some finger food back in the book-carrying days, you would understand the pinch of not having any cash inside your wallet because that would also mean skipping a meal or maybe owing someone else money. Does that ring any bell in your head?

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5 reasons why you should use LinkedIn for your business

Hi everyone! We are back with our social media series! Previously, iPay88 has written: Facebook  Twitter (10 wondrous reasons to use Twitter for your business) Instagram (6 reasons why you should use Instagram for your business) And now, we will continue the remaining social media series with LinkedIn! By having more than 562 million users,

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Last minute tips to boost your online sales this #MYCYBERSALE2018 period

Malaysia’s biggest online sale event is back! #MYCYBERSALE is entering its fifth year with the theme ‘Driving Growth through Omni Channel Commerce’.  This year, #MYCYBERSALE2018 aims to encourage micro-enterprises to adopt an Omni channel approach for their businesses and to reduce the dependency on social media private messaging sales. This event will be opening its

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Part 3: 3 steps to build an e-Commerce business

Now that you have read the previous parts of this blog series, which were “plan” and “create”, it is the time to launch your online store!  If you have done everything listed in the previous two entries, you should be ready to kick off your website! LAUNCH 1. Pre-launch Once your website goes live, there

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Part 2: 3 steps to build an e-Commerce business

In the previous blog entry, we talked about the first step – ‘plan’ – to build an e-Commerce business. Today, we continue with the second one, which is “create”. CREATE 1. Create a brand identity You can create a brand identity by creating: Brand name Slogan/Tagline Logo A brand identity helps to build customer loyalty

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Connect Your Business With Payment

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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