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InvoicePay: Smart invoicing built for your business growth.

iPay88 InvoicePay is an easy and smart way to enable your business to send invoices and get paid faster. Create digital invoices and share them with your customers via e-mail, messaging apps, or SMS.

Invoice Payment Malaysia - iPay88

Technology-driven solutions to your payment acquisition

Easy Payment Plan - Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Collect Payment Faster

Smart invoices provide a seamless experience in payment collection. They are optimized across desktop, mobile, and tablet to ensure the best customer experience.

Attract Customer - Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Easy to Start

iPay88 InvoicePay does not require any integration with your system which makes it easier for you to start accepting invoice payments.

App Integration - Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Customize Your Invoice

The invoices can be fully customizable by adding your logo, brand colours, custom fields, including discounts, tax information and more.

Wide Payment Option - Direct Link Payment Malaysia iPay88

Multiple Payment Options Available

Your customers will be able to choose their preferred payment method to pay, from bank cards, online banking, B2B payments, e-wallets, to BNPL.

Easy Reporting - Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

Consolidated Payment Report

iPay88 Merchant Portal will give you access to a consolidated payment report needed for easy financial reconciliation.

Trending Payment Method - Payment Gateway Malaysia iPay88

A Step to Business Automation

iPay88 Smart Invoicing solutions can help your finance and operation teams to automate their workflows such as reconciliation and collections.

Integrate iPay88 into your existing accounting software

If you’re using an existing account software, you can integrate iPay88 payment button into your invoices. Currently iPay88 payment button is supported by SQL and Bukku.

Bukku SQL Invoice Payment - iPay88

Send the invoice

You can send your invoice via e-mail, messaging apps, or SMS. Customers can download the invoice in PDF or directly proceed to pay via the iPay88 payment button in the invoice.

Get paid with ease

Accept the most popular real-time payment methods, including bank cards, FPX, e-wallets and BNPL readily integrated into your invoice.

Simplify financial reconciliation

Access all payment reports via iPay88 Merchant Portal to view a consolidated financial report for easy financial reconciliation.

Ease of use

The straightforward usage of iPay88 InvoicePay helps merchants to handle billing and payment collection easier while offering a great experience to their customers.

  • InvoicePay
  • SQL
  • Bukku

How to apply for Smart Invoicing with iPay88

Submit application form and required documents to iPay88



iPay88 will assess and approve the application

iPay88 will issue Merchant credentials needed to transact



Use the credentials to log into your dedicated Merchant Portal

Issue Smart Invoices via InvoicePay to your customers



Receives real-time invoice payments from your customers

Connect your business with InvoicePay

Boost your sales by accepting widely used payment methods across Malaysia.

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