Last minute tips to boost your online sales this #MYCYBERSALE2018 period


mycybersale 2018

Malaysia’s biggest online sale event is back! #MYCYBERSALE is entering its fifth year with the theme ‘Driving Growth through Omni Channel Commerce’. 

This year, #MYCYBERSALE2018 aims to encourage micro-enterprises to adopt an Omni channel approach for their businesses and to reduce the dependency on social media private messaging sales.

This event will be opening its doors to shoppers with deals and promotions from the participating merchants, from September 3 to September 7, 2018. 

If you are one of the participating merchants of #MYCYBERSALE2018, we hope you might find this blog useful. We present some ways to boost your online sales during the #MYCYBERSALE2018 period. 

If you are not, please do partake in this event next year!

1. Optimise your e-Commerce website for mobile friendly

Today’s customers have tons of high expectations. They will leave the website if there’s a slight delay while they are accessing it. The visitors to your website might take a multi-screen approach and only browse your products on mobile then only complete the purchase on their desktop or the other way around.

This is why the people, who handle marketing in your company, need to act fast. Various free tools will give them full insights into your visitor’s experience on different devices. To name a few:

2. Create search engine ads for customers searching for #MYCYBERSALE2018 keywords

Keywords such as “MYCYBERSALE” or “Online Sales” do play a huge role in bringing the traffic to your website during the period. 

Online users would not care much about where they are getting their products or services from, as long as they grab the crazy deals or promotions during the #MYCYBERSALE2018 period.

google ads home page

Relying on organic traffic is good, but while there are many participating merchants during the #MYCYBERSALE2018 period, it is wise to invest a small amount of money into sponsored Google Ads.

Tools you might find it handy:

3. Plan your pricing strategy

#MYCYBERSALE2018 is all about discounts and offers. Analyse the price set by your competitors who participate in MYCYBERSALE. If possible, reduce your profit margin in order to attract more and more buyers. 

By lowering the price of the products and services you are offering, eventually you will have more visitors and this will lead to more sales.

Keep in mind that many service providers, such as iPay88, offer reduced transactions rates, which can definitely result in lower prices that you offer for your goods.

fpx payment bank option

4. Offer multiple payment methods

In today’s modern world, technology gives businesses the convenience and capability to accept customer payments anywhere and anytime. 

Many online merchants lack alternative payment methods. Since the checkout is the final step that determines the customer’s experience, it is critical for you to integrate the best and most popular payment options available.

Everyone prefers different ways of payment, thus having multiple payment options would cater to all types of customers. Accepting numerous payment methods would:

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment,
  • Encourage shoppers to complete the purchase,
  • Save your customers’ time as they would not need to choose an un-preferred payment method.

5. Be prepared for high volumes

During the #MYCYBERSALE season, be prepared to encounter a huge spike in traffic of visitors to your website. Even if you are not expecting a major spike in your regular traffic and your website is usually stable, there will always be a risk of experiencing a website crash due to unforeseen reasons.


For example, if your business is listed on the #MYCYBERSALE2018 website and it links to your website, this may result in an enormous increase in clicks and traffic flow to your website. Be ready for it.

When you direct people to your website, you must make sure you are able to welcome them and provide impeccable shopping experience. 

In addition, it is always advisable to make sure that you have the product in stock; else, you will disappoint your customers when your products are sold-out or not available.


6. Promote your business!

None of the above last-minute tips will make sense if your customers are unable to see your products. Do not solely rely on the traffic from #MYCYBERSALE2018 website alone, you can do your part too! On your end, you can spread the word by sharing your products on the social media websites to increase your brand awareness. There is no harm in trying, right?

For example:

  • Promotes your business in the related e-Commerce groups on Facebook.
    Groups such as ‘Go-Ecommerce’ or ‘Malaysia e-Commerce aspiration
  • Post your products on social media websites by using the hashtag #MYCYBERSALE2018.
    Using the right hashtag helps to target niche topics, and it could get your post to the people who may not have seen your post on the social media sites. Try it out yourself and monitor your Facebook Insights to see if using #hashtags makes a difference in your traffic.


We hope that you might find the tips above handful. The success of your website depends on the strategies that you implement. 

So, start preparing your website using the last-minute tips above, boost your brand visibility and gain new customers during the #MYCYBERSALE2018 period. 

If you have missed the registration date and are keen to be part in the upcoming #MYCYBERSALE2019, do talk to us

The participating merchants in #MYCYBERSALE2018, who use iPay88 payment gateway, can enjoy multiple benefits, such as 0.5% cash rebates and 50% off for setup fee on new SME package sign-ups.

Do stay tuned by read to our blog to see what we have for you as one of the participating merchants in #MYCYBERSALE2019!

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